Fleet & Maintenance

We are industry leaders when it comes to maintaining our buses to ensure passenger safety. Our safety begins with safe vehicles. Our 13-touchpoint pre and post-trip inspection is industry leading. We monitor both vehicle maintenance and perform diligent child checks using state-of-the-art Zonar® technology.

Our school board partners benefit from our nationally recognised preventive maintenance program. Our industry-leading preventive maintenance schedule goes above and beyond government requirements. Every school day, our drivers do a multi-point inspection before and after each route to check for maintenance issues that need immediate attention. In addition, all buses are subject to comprehensive preventive maintenance inspections at least three times a year, which exceeds government requirements. All inspections include examining everything from cosmetic issues to checking tires, brakes, engine performance and suspension.

Vehicles are maintained in accordance with manufacturer recommendations and requirements. Our preventive maintenance program meets and exceeds local and provincial inspection requirements. In addition, we follow our company’s own preventive maintenance program, which includes:

  • No bus leaves the lot to pick up students without the driver having first completed a multi-point, pre-trip inspection that documents any safety or maintenance issue—no matter how small—and clears the bus for travel. Critical issues are reported to our service center a team of highly trained mechanics is dispatched to make repairs.
  • Many of our buses are equipped with technology that constantly monitors the vehicle’s operating condition, sending real-time data back to our dispatchers, who ensure that no critical issues put the safe operating condition of the bus at risk.
  • Our drivers have the freedom to escalate any maintenance issue to a critical level—providing a check-and-balance to ensure that no bus is on the road with an issue that could lead to a breakdown and inconvenience student passengers.

Each of our buses is scheduled for a regular preventive maintenance inspection according to hours of operation, kilometers traveled, or days operated, depending on the type of operation and service being provided.