History of Stock

Stock Transportation was founded by brothers Jeff and Jerry Stock in Bailieboro, Ontario, in 1958 and their sons continued to build upon the original foundation. This family-owned and operated company has provided transportation services to students and charter passengers throughout Canada and the United States for over half a century. In 2002, Stock Transportation was sold to National Express Corp.

Today, Stock operates more than 3,400 school buses and serves school districts throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia and Alberta. Our corporate offices, located in Markham ON, house the administrative and support functions for the company, and our local customer service centers (CSCs) are supported by regional operations teams located throughout the country. As a national company, we have a wealth of resources available to our customers, while maintaining an unmatched level of support at the local level.

Stock Transportation has a strong record of success and decades of experience in pupil transportation. With the support of National Express Group, a global leader in transportation, we are confident we can provide exceptional service to your district. We will remain continually focused on delivering our service promise:

Getting students to school safely, on time and ready to learn®.