The Stock Solution

Tight budgets. Aging buses. Operating efficiency needs. With our expertise and nationwide resources, your district, community and students will benefit from:

  • The safest and best-trained employees
  • Unmatched customer service
  • Operational best practices
  • Technology-based solutions
  • Financial efficiencies and cost savings
  • Stewards of the environment

No longer will you have to worry about new bus capital, bus routing issues, bus breakdowns and recruiting and training drivers. We are happy to relieve you of those responsibilities, freeing you up to focus on other critical priorities.

Partner with Stock and your district will receive:

  • Unmatched safety programs
  • Optimal cost savings
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Empowered, accountable and satisfied employees
  • Proven operational practices

Safety is the top priority for all of our employees. It is foremost in our minds as we do our jobs, every day. Employee training programs and processes support our commitment to safety. Our safety pledge resonates through the organization, from our drivers to the board room.

  • Thorough employee background screening
  • Annual driver evaluations and records checks
  • Continuous school bus safety training
  • Daily bus safety inspections
  • Child check policy
  • GPS technology
  • Preventive bus maintenance programs
Financial Efficiencies

Partnering with a transportation provider can save school districts an average of 10%–30% in transportation costs, according to the National School Transportation Association (NSTA). What you do with the savings is in your hands. Reinvest back into the classroom. Invest in capital improvements. Increase your community support. You decide what’s best for your district, students and community. Stock will bring to your district:

  • National purchasing power for buses, parts and maintenance
  • Controlled and predictable transportation costs
  • Operational best practices
  • Competitive pricing, wages and benefits
  • Technology-based systems
Unwavering Customer Service

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction; solutions are customized to your district’s needs. With constantly increasing demands for services, and fluctuating enrollments and limited resources, you need a customized plan. Stock will work with you to create that plan to meet your organizational goals and objectives. Stock employees are held accountable, demonstrate a transparent partnership and engage in constant communication with you.

  • Continuous customer service training
  • On-site customer service
  • Annual client survey
  • Scheduled reporting
Engaged, Accountable and Satisfied Employees

The best-trained drivers in the business work for Stock because we devote a significant amount of resources, training and development to our employees. School buses are required to meet the most stringent safety regulations, and our drivers ensure they are operated safely. Employees are held accountable to meet the highest standards, ensuring the safety of your students. Because we care to the extent we do, our employees do the right thing.

  • Comprehensive training—safety, leadership, customer service, financial
  • Extensive driver training—classroom and behind-the-wheel
  • Trained specifically to work with children (and parents)
  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Employee reward and recognition programs
Operations Excellence

Getting students to and from school safely and efficiently is job one for Stock. Our proven operational and maintenance practices can optimize the use of an expensive asset, the school bus. With the technology we offer, you will always know where your buses are and how efficiently they are traveling.

  • Data driven decisions
  • Customized and automated routing schedules
  • Consistent maintenance programs
  • Technology—GPS, electronic child check, cameras
  • Heightened communication

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